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2012: Oceanicallstars in Action ( Jan-Apr)


Matt Potenski is a Finalist in the Ocean Conservancy Photo Contest with his image of a beautiful tiger shark at Tiger Beach.

Director of photography/Producer Team Duncan Brake and Jillian Morris finish Whale Wars Season 5 early because of the damaged Brigitte Bardot.


Joe Deppen finishes his diver medic certification.

Matt leads a Tiger Beach adventure for Incredible Adventures. These cage diving adventures give everyone the opportunity to see sharks up close. Not a diver? No problem.


Duncan and Jillian head to Bimini to film several shark projects

Jillian produces a Florida shark information graphic.

Crystal Clear Apnea launches “ Ask Jillian,” conservation page.  Encouraging freedivers and ocean lovers to ask conservation questions.


Playboy: Duncan and Jillian were interviewed about filming Whale Wars for an article in the April issue. READ ARTICLE.

Jillian becomes a featured writer on Scuba Board. Look for her diving and conservation articles.

April 14: Duncan and Jillian get married on the beach in Bimini. Matt photographs the wedding and Dony shoots video. A great big Oceanicallstars project.

Duncan and Jillian coordinate a filming for “How Jaws Changed the World,” set to air on Discovery’s Shark Week. Duncan is the underwater cameraman. 

Jillian produces information packets for the shark conservation booth at The Shark Bite Challenge Canoe & Kayak Race in Dunedin, Florida.

Matt takes 2nd in the wide angle category of the 2012 RSMAS Photo Contest 

April 27: Whale Wars Viking Shores Airs on Animal Planet. Duncan and Jillian worked as Directors of Photography and producers for the program.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2011: The Year in Review

Happy 2012!

2011 was a crazy and amazing year for the team at Oceanicall
stars. Check out what we were up to a watch out for monthly updates in 2012!

January 2011-March 2011: Duncan Brake is aboard the Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker, filming Whale Wars Season 4 for Animal Planet. Whale Wars, is a docu drama that follows the Sea Shepherds as they travel to Antarctica to stop the Japanese whaling fleets. It is a raw and rugged climate that breaks spirits, boats and camera equipment. It is an intensive shoot with the crew being on 7 days a week for 90 days or more. READ MORE

.Jillian Morris takes the wrestling star The Undertaker and his son to Tiger Beach for a private dive trip with Incredible Adventures. READ MORE

Jillian’s photo win’s the Princeton Tec Beyond Bottom Time Photo Contest.

February 2011:Jillian Morris heads to Western Australia to film research being done in Shark Bay. Jillian first visited the area as a research assistant in 2006 and has returned to film the work that is being done there. Jillian is also assisting in the catching and satellite tagging of some Shark Bay’s massive tiger sharks. READ MORE

March 2011:

Duncan finishes the Whale Wars shoot and joins Jillian in Shark Bay for some filming and shark tagging. Jillian mother, Susan Morris, a teacher at Berwick Academy, also joined the crew for 2 weeks to get in field experience to better her ability to teach curriculum based on the work being done in the region. READ MORE

April 2011:

Duncan and Jillian head to Fiji to film a PSA for The Shark Free Marina Initiative. Beqa Adventure Divers ( BAD) are at the forefront of shark conservation in Fiji and are setting and example globally. Jillian and Duncan were able to meet the bull sharks of Beqa and wow, what a show. 40 massive sharks on one dive!!!!! READ MORE

Jordy Klein films Disney commercials at Typhoon Lagoon

May 2011: No rest for the wicked. Duncan and Jillian landed in Florida and headed to Key Largo for a shoot about coral viruses. The Florida Keys are home to some very healthy reef systems and tons of fish. It’s nice to dive in your own backyard. READ MORE

The team then headed to Bimini to film a pilot for a television show while also teaching underwater photo and video. Aboard the M/V Indigo, the crew spent a week with the wild dolphins of Bimini, sharing the amazing underwater with a great group of guests. READ MORE

Dony Zaidi joined Duncan and Jillian on the dolphin adventure and was also able to participate in a shark rescue. Exploring the island, the crew found black garbage bags that were being used as shark fishing rigs. The team was able to free one large male nurse shark and remove 2 rigs from the ocean. READ MORE

Following dolphins it was time for some sharks and a visit to Tiger Beach. Leading a day trip for Incredible Adventures, Jillian and Duncan shared their love of sharks with an eager group of first timers to the beach. IA offers cage trips, which allows anyone, even if you are not certified, to experience the world of sharks. This trip was also a success in that they were able to sign on 2 new marinas to the Shark Free Initiative. Thank you Grand Bahama Yacht Club and Port Lucaya Marina.

Matt Potenski goes on the other side of the camera as a model for Pauly Jr’s ( of Orange County Chopper fame) new clothing line.

June 2011:

Jillian and Duncan lead a Tiger Beach trip for Incredible Adventures. READ MORE

Season 4 of Whale Wars Airs on Animal Planet. Check out Duncan’s filming experience.

July-September: Duncan and Jillian head for the Shetland Islands where they will join the Sea Shepherd Vessel Brigitte Bardot and head for the Faroe Islands. Between Iceland and Scotland, the Faroe Islands are a world away and the people still actively slaughter pilot whales. Sea Shepherd will be trying to stop a “ grind” from happening and the film crews will be rolling for Whale Wars: Viking Shores. Animal Planet

July 2011:

Matt Potenski covers an Incredible Adventures Tiger Beach trip while Jillian is filming for Animal Planet in the Faroe Islands.

Jillian’s website goes LIVE. Check out Shark-Girl

Matt attends the 2011 American Elasmobranch Society meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jillian’s tiger shark image is selected for the official 2011 postcard for the American Elasmobranch Society.

Jillian’s lemon shark image is selected for the 2011 American Elasmobranch Society Calendar.

Oceanicallstars launches its NEW PHOTOGRAPHY site

August 2011:

An evening with Matt Potenski is auctioned off to raise money for the Shark Research Institute. Highest bidder donates to a great cause and gets to chat sharks and photography with Matt.

Jordy Klein films lightening storms across the state of Florida.

Jillian receives Honorable Mention for her image of a lemon shark “smiling” in the Ocean Conservancy 2011 Photo Contest.

October 2011:

Again, no rest for the wicked and as Duncan and Jillian land back in Florida they head for the Everglades. The Everglades are an incredible ecosystem in South Florida that is home to a diverse range of species. This trip is focusing on bull sharks and alligators. READ MORE

Jillian’s article Ghetto Fishing appears in the October issue of GAFF Magazine.

Dony Zaidi speaks at City Hall on behalf of making Toronto Fin Free. Conservationists are pushing to put the ban on shark fin soup in Toronto. Success was reached on Oct. 25 when Toronto became the largest city in Canada to install the ban. It will become affective Sept. 1, 2012. This is a massive stride for shark conservation and will no doubt be an example for a global movement. WATCH IT

Duncan and Jillian visit Palmer Trinity School in Miami, Florida to speak to kids about shark conservation and underwater filming. READ MORE

Matt Potenski heads to Saba to present at Sea & Learn

November-December 2011: Duncan and Jillian finished off the year heading to Australia to prep for Whale Wars Season 5. Aboard they Sea Shepherd vessel Brigitte Bardot again, they headed to Antarctica on December 21. WATCH for it Summer 2012.

November 2011:

Duncan and Jillian visit Berwick Academy to talk to students about shark conservation. READ MORE

Matt Potenski wins Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique 4th International Contest of Digital Photography - Theme "Nature" with the Contest Catalog

Duncan and Jillian’s footage or world champion freediver William Trubridge airs on ESPN’s E:60 RISK. WATCH IT

December 2011:

Matt Potenski covers an Incredible Adventures Tiger Beach trip for Jillian while she is on her way to Antarctica.

Jillian is named as a featured Shark Angel. The Shark Angels work globally on many levels to unite people for the common goal of saving sharks because sharks need angels too! SHARK ANGELS

Joe Deppen is named as the newest member of the Oceanicallstars Team. Joe brings an incredible amount of diving experience to the team and will be a strong presence at many an upcoming Oceanicallstars adventure. Look for website updates soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

FOR SALE: NIKON D200, Tokina 10-17 lens, Titan Housing w/ Wide Angel Port

This housing is a beast that can perform in all elements. I have had numerous images published and win contests. NEVER any flood damage and in great condition.


Includes: Nikon D200 w/ strap, charger, 2 batteries & 8 GB card

Tokina 10-17 Lens for Nikon

Light & Motion Titan Housing w/ Wide Angle Dome Port

Nikon D200:

10.2 Megapixel effective high-performance DX Format CCD; Nikon's exclusive Image Processing Engine; 11-area Multi-CAM AF system with new 7 Wide-area AF; 1005-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II; Fast 5 fps continuous shooting, 0.15 second startup and short 50ms shutter lag; Built-in i-TTL Speedlight with two group Commander mode; New Image Enhancement options (Optimize Image); Multiple Exposure, Image Overlay and GPS positioning; 2.5" LCD with ultra-wide viewing angle; Durable Magnesium Alloy body and chassis; Electronically timed shutter tested to well over 100, 000 cycles; Shoot up to 1800 images on a single EN-EL3e battery charge; Exclusive smart battery monitor with informative Fuel Gauge function; Large full information top-deck LCD panel.

Tokina 10-17 for Nikon

designed exclusively for use with digital SLR cameras, and combines "full-frame fisheye" (180° diagonal angle of view at a focal length of 10mm) to super wide-angle performance in a single unit.

This lens makes it possible to capture images with an expanded perspective - wider than the human eye can see - including creative deformation of subjects and sharp pan focus that extends throughout the entire frame.

Note! Not suitable for 35mm film SLR cameras, or for 35mm size "full-frame" digital cameras, e.g. Kodak Pro SLR/n. AF not supported by D40 and D60 cameras.

Light & Motion Titan Housing:

The Light & Motion Titan underwater housing is designed for the Nikon D200 digital camera. It is a professional grade full featured housing that provides access to all camera controls in a user friendly layout. The housing uses USB technology to control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, mode as well as bracketing, exposure compensation and white balance.

High quality Light & Motion ports are available for macro, wide-angle and fisheye lenses. If you already own Aquatica, Sea & Sea or Subal ports they can be used on the Titan housing with the use of conversion rings.

The Titan D200 housing includes ROC (Remote Optical Controller). ROC is a strobe control device that is built into the Titan D200 housing which allows the user to obtain up to 12 manual power levels on most TTL compatible strobes. One or two strobes can be attached to the Titan D200 housing. Power levels for each strobe can be matched evenly or set independently of one another. Fingertip strobe control is located via push buttons and allows for 12 manual adjustment in 1/2 f/stop increments. Also included is a conveniently located LED panel that informs the user of current strobe power level.

USB Control

USB Advanced Technology enables finger trip control over control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, mode as well as bracketing, exposure compensation and white balance

Electro-Mechanical Shutter Release

Electro-Mechanical shutter release provides more control with tactile feel between half shutter and full shutter


High quality Light & Motion ports are available for macro, wide-angle and fisheye lenses; Aquatica, Sea & Sea or Subal ports can be used on the housing with the use of conversion rings

ROC Strobe Controller

ROC strobe controller provides manual control with up or down 12 half stop increments with the following strobes:

· Sea & Sea YS-250 (Might need software update)

· Sea & Sea YS-110a (Might need software update)

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· Sea & Sea YS-350

· Sea & Sea YS-300

· Sea & Sea YS-120

· Sea & Sea YS-90

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· Sea & Sea YS-90DX

· Sea & Sea YS-60

· Sea & Sea YS-30

· Nikon SB-105

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· Ikelite100

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2008-2009 News & Shoots

October 2009: Matt wins Seaweb/Marine Photo Bank’s Ocean in Focus 2009.

His image of a single mangrove shoot in front of devastating construction being done on the Bahamian island of Bimini, took the Grand Prize.

September 17, 2009 Shark Savers “ Shooting Fish in a Barrel.”

Jillian writes about illegal shark fishing in Bimini, The Bahamas.

September 2009: Marquesas Keys lemon shark survey.

Matt joined the Sharklab crew on their annual survey and photographed the work, as well as assisting in the field.

July 28, 2009: Shark Savers “ The Sharklab,”

Jillian writes about the work being done at the Bimini Biological Field Station.

October 2009: Oceanicallstars & Shark Free Marina Initiative

Duncan Brake and Jillian Morris shot & produced a PSA video about the Shark Free Marina Inititave and the Bimini Sands being the first marina in all of the Bahamas to join.

August 25-27, 2009: National Geographic: “Hooked: Caught Bare Handed.”

Duncan Brake filmed the underwater sequences for the segment shot at the Sharklab. Jillian shot second camera and acted as talent for several scenes.

August 2009: ESPN -“Pirates of the Flats

Duncan Brake and Jillian Morris provided underwater footage for this popular fishing show.

July 2009: Jillian Morris writes article "Swimming with Sharks " for the magazine "Flying Adventures".

Jillian was interviewed for the most recent issue of "Flying Adventures". The article entitled "Swimming with Sharks" raises awareness about the amazing experience that diving with sharks can be helping dispel the man-eater myth. Photos were also provided by Jillian for the article.

June 2009: Matt Wins Ocean Views 2009 by nature's Best Photography Contest.

Congratulations go to Matt for winning the Ocean Views 2009 photography contest. Matt was the Grand Prize winner out of over 8000 entries. The winning photo was of a whale shark following a school of sardines.

June 2009: Jillian Morris writes article "The Science Of Shark Conservation" for Shark Diver Magazine.

Issue # 20 of Shark Diver Magazine features Jillian's article "The Science of Shark Conservation." The article explains some of the basic procedures that are used in doing shark research and why the work is so important for the conservation of these animals. Jillian and Duncan both provided photographs for the article.For more information about the magazine or to get a copy go to Shark Diver Magazine.

June 2009: Oceanicallstars forms Partnership with Jordy Klein Films and goes full HD.

Oceanicallstars and Jordy Klein Films forms partnership. Teaming together with Jordy Klein films, Oceanicallstars are now able to offer full production packages from full HD motion pictures, feature films to documentary shorts. Amoungst the teams arsenal of equipment are WESCAM, underwater Full HD cameras and housings including the RED and cineflex systems, HD polecams, film boats, planes, trucks

and helicopters. We can cater for all your film making requirements.

May 2009: Natures's Pathways Magazine.

Jillian was interviewed for an article about shark conservation by a guest that joined her and Duncan on the ecotourism liveaboard. The article included photos by Jillian and Duncan and will reach an audience that might not normally be exposed to these type of conservation issues.

May 2009: Matt returns from tagging Whale Sharks in Mafia Island.

Matt has completed a third field season in Mafia Island, Tanzania working with whale sharks. Identification tagging and spot-pattern ID analysis has shown a population ofover 50 individuals uses the waters around Mafia Island. Whale sharks observations have been recorded all twelve months of the year and Mafia appears to be an important site for this species in eastern Africa. Matt just initiated an autmated acoustic telemetry project on whale sharks and hopes to expand this project over the next few years with renewed support from WWF and new support from WCS. Matt will share data with researchers in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, and the Seychelles so that large scale patterns in whale shark movements and behaviour may be seen.

May 2009: InStyle Magazine

Duncan appeared in the May issue of the magazine in an article about January Jones visiting the lab. Her time at the lab was a promotional project for Oceana.


April 2009- First Shark Free Marina Initiative

This concept was developed by Patric Douglas as a means to encourage catch and release shark fishing instead of catch and kill. For many fisherman the rush of catching a shark is surpassed only by the stringing up of the animal at the dock to show off their prize catch. A marina that has signed on will not allow sharks to be brought in or to be caught and killed in the marina. Grant Johnson and Katie Grudecki organized the Sands Marina Bimini, Bahamas to be the first on the campaign. Oceanicallstars designed the logo and signs were printed on UV/Weather proof posters. Old Bahama Bay Marina, West End Grand Bahama has also signed on with Port Lucaya soon to follow. This is in exciting project that will be gaining a lot of attention in the near future as it spreads around the globe. For more information on the Shark Free marinas initiative please click the logo at the side to be redirected to the website where you will be able to recieve information packs on how you can make a difference. You can also email staff@sharkfreemarinas.com with any queries you may have about the initiative. We would encourage anyone in the shark conservation world to work together and collaborate on this project.

March 28, 2009: Shark Savers, “ Media and Sharks-A Lesson Learned.”

Jillian writes about her experience with the Today Show and the media’s portrayal of sharks.

March 22, 2009: Ecotourism Liveaboard

Duncan and Jillian have joined a Bahamian based ecotourism liveaboard to photograph and film dolphins, sharks and freedivers while collecting stock HD and HDV footage for Oceanicallstars. While onboard they are also doing shark conservation and awareness presentations. Both are actively working on new conservation videos and educational materials for kids.

March 13, 2009 Tiger Beach

Duncan joined Jillian again on another single day trip to Tiger Beach. Duncan shot a promo video while Jillian did both topside and in water photography.

March 3-6, 2009: NBC “Today Show” & Shark Diver Magazine

Jillian joined Shark Diver Magazine to be on camera for a NBC Today Show piece about diving with sharks. Jillian filmed and photographed stock footage for Oceanicallstars while host Jeff Rosen experienced the amazing sharks of Tiger Beach. The purpose of the show was to expose the viewing public to the world of shark diving with hope of changing their perception of these incredible animals. The program showed a group of divers with a wide range of experince diving with free swimming tiger sharks and lemon sharks.

February 24, 2009 -Berwick Academy South Berwick, Maine

As part of the Oceanicallstars Education and Outreach program, Jillian did four presentations on shark biology and conservation to the 3rd and 4th graders of Berwick Academy. Oceanicallstars photo andvideo were used to teach the kids why sharks are so important and what they can do to help. If we are able to educate younger generations on the importance of shark conservation it will lead to greater environmental awareness and in the future.

February 13-23, 2009 Jupiter Florida

Duncan traveled to Jupiter with other staff members from the Sharklab to work on the 2009 Lemon Shark Aggregation Project. This is project involves nearly 2 months of capturing and tagging adult lemon sharks that aggregate in this region during this time of year. This year marked the first time that bull sharks were caught and tagged for a new project. Jillian joined for a small portion to photograph the work that was being done as well as to participate in the research.

February 2-4, 09 — Oceana Films at Bimini

Members of Oceana traveled to Bimini along with actress January Jones to shoot a video which will be used in their efforts to protect and restore shark populations. The video was shot by Sharklab alumni Neil Andrea. Duncan and Jillian provided additional video footage and assisted in coordinating the shoot.

January, 2009 Shark Savers “ A Very Sharky Wish”

Jillian writes about her experience photographing Lizzie Sautter’s wish coming true at the Sharklab in Bimini.

January 18-24, 09 — Make a Wish

The Bimini Biological Field station was humbled to be asked to make a dream come true for fifteen year old Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sautter. Lizzie's wish was to have the opportunity to work with shark biologists and participate in some of the activities that would have her up close with her favorite animals. Duncan and Jillian teamed up to video and photograph this truly amazing experience. The young shark enthusiast and her family were lucky enough to swim with Carribean reef sharks as well as get up close and personal with the tiger sharks and hammerheads. Lizzie and her sister assisted in all aspects of the Shark Lab operation including working up and tagging sharks. Thank you to Lizzie and her family for allowing us to share this with you, we wish you all the best of luck for your future.

Dec 30, 2008-Jan 5, 2009: Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Duncan and Jillian filmed and photographed the sharks, reefs and wrecks of Grand Bahama, gathering promo shots for Oceanicallstars and stock shark footage for upcoming conservation projects.

Dec 29, 2008: Tiger Beach Day Trip

Duncan joined Jillian on a single day cage diving trip to Tiger Beach with Incredible Adventures. 5 massive female tiger sharks spent several hours with the divers and put on an amazing show. Duncan filmed while Jillian photographed the adventure.

November 15-19, 08 — NHK Film Production

Duncan joined the 4 member crew from NHK, when they visited the Sharklab to film the mangroves and lemon sharks of Bimini. This was one of several stops in the Bahamas for the crew working on a program to be aired on national television in Japan.

November 14, 2008 –Hooters comes to the Sharklab

Duncan and Matt wrapped up shooting with the BBC in the morning and immediately jumped into their next project. A team of Hooters Girls traded their infamous orange and white outfits for tank tops reading “ Chum body loves me” and got up close with sharks of Bimini. This shoot was set to promote shark conservation and awareness to a general audience that might not normally see the lab and the importance of the work that is done there. The piece aired on FOX TV in March.

November 6-14, 2008 — BBC "Deadly 60" Filming at Tiger Beach

Duncan and Matt joined a team from the BBC Natural History Division to film a program on sharks for their series "Deadly 60". Duncan filmed beside Simon Enderby of ScubaZoo, while Matt did all production stills both topside and in water. After a few days of filming in Bimini with lemon and Caribbean reef sharks, the film crew along with the Sharklab staff boarded the M/V Indigo and headed to Tiger Beach. The crew spent several days filming and photographing the lemons, tigers and hammerheads while the Sharklab team tagged several large female lemon sharks and place a series of new bottom monitors.

Oct 26- Nov 12, 2008- Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Jillian joined Lawrence Groth and the Shark Diving International Team to film the white sharks of Guadalupe. The crystal blue water and amazing visibility make this location ideal for both photo and video. Filming was done topside and from the submersible and standard shark cages. The submersible cage drops 40 feet below the surface and offers a unique and up close vantage point that the standard cage lacks.

Oct 22-25, 2008: Las Vegas, Nevada

DEMA 2008 hits Las Vegas and Jillian celebrates her 27th birthday while filming for Liquid Assets and Scuba Diving Magazine. Daily reports of new gear, new dive boats and new dive destinations were posted on ScubaDiving.com

Oct 5- Oct 21, 2008 - Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Jillian joined photographer Matthew Addison to model Zeagle dive gear, the Prism rebreather and Light & Motion underwater camera equipment for website and promotional shots. She donned a chain mail suit to film Caribbean reef sharks up close and personal as well as filming divers playing with bottlenose dolphins for the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO) promotional video. For examples of Matt Addisons photography and Jillians underwater modelling skills click check out this website Matthew Addison.

September 17 –Oct 5, 2008 - Turks & Caicos Islands:

Jillian joined the crew of Liquid Assets Productions for 2.5 weeks to shoot 2 TV pilots. The Over/Under and Into the Drink were shot on and around the islands based out of the Turks & Caicos Explorer II liveaboard dive vessel. She filmed both topside and underwater along with doing several gear photo shoots for Light & Motion and Zeagle.

September 9, 2008- Orange County Underwater Photo Society, Southern California

Jillian was the featured guest speaker at the OCUPS September meeting. Her presentation focused on the devastation that shark finning is causing around the world.

August 25 –October 2008- Reality TV at the Sharklab.

Duncan joined the film crew from Original Productions (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers…) to follow the Sharklab staff and volunteers as they carried out their everyday activities and shark related projects around Bimini, Marquesas, Jupiter and Tiger Beach. Matt was hired by NBC to do all the production stills. The show, currently named Shark U on Original Production's website is set to air on Primetime on a major network in 2009.

July 2008 -Catalina Island, California

Jillian photographed and filmed the kelp forests of Catalina while teaching camera techniques for H20 Photo Pros. Jillian is a camera pro for the underwater camera and imaging store based in Newport Beach, California.

June 11, 08 — Tiger Beach Expedition

Matt Potenski broke away from shooting PIT and joined Doc Gruber and crew on the M/V Dollie for a trip to Tiger Beach. During the three day stay, the team encountered adult lemon sharks and tiger sharks. The work completed included DNA sampling, placing hydrophone receiver units, tagging and placement of transmitters on two adult females, and assisting field tests of "sharkproof" mesh for Lindgren-Pitman, Inc. Matt did both topside and in water photography.

June 2008 – PIT Sharklab

Each year the staff and volunteers at the Sharklab spend 3 weeks on the PIT project doing a complete sensus of the recently born lemon sharks. This involves fishing all night, every night and inserting PIT tags into every single juvenile shark caught. The passive intergrated transponders give each shark and identity so that they can be monitered and data collected as they grow. This portion of research is extremely intregal in understanding the life cycle of these animals. Matt joined the team for his 7th year and 3rd year as official photographer. He also developed the website and blog for the project.

June 2008-Na’ia Na’ia Way of the Dolphin

Duncan joined the Angel Foundation production team and spent 3 weeks filming the spotted dolphins of Bimini All shooting was done while freediving, a challenge in itself before adding a 70 pound Cineflex camera and housing to the mix. This 16mm camera shoots cinema quality footage with rolls that hold only ten minutes of footage. Filming with this camera is both challenging and tedious work, but the footage quality makes it all worthwhile.

May 8-12, 08 —National Geographic at the Sharklab

Pioneer Productions, in conjunction with National Geographic, traveled to Bimini in an attempt to catch and ultrasound a pregnant lemon shark for an upcoming show called "In the Womb".
The ultrasound was carried out on the shark by Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt, assisted by veterinarian Andrena Garabedian. Duncan assisted on filming the birth as well as providing stock lemon shark footage for the program which aired in the United States on May 10, 2009.

April 21-22, 08 — Ushiaua French Film team at the Sharklab

Duncan joined the Ushiaua team as they filmed an amazing lemon shark birth sequence in the mangroves of Bimini. His footage was used in a film as part of the Nature series produced by Ushiaua.

March 22–April 26, 2008- Dive Photo Guide Underwater Imaging Festival

Jillian represented H2O Photo Pros at the DivePhotoGuide underwater imaging festival set in Wakatobi, Indonesia. Following the festival Jillian spent time photographing both above and below the surface in Bali.

March 2008: Photographing Tiger Sharks

Flavia joined Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures (JASA), onboard the 65' live-aboard M/V "Shear Water" to go document and photograph tiger sharks off "Tiger Beach" in theBahamas. Flavia was lucky enough to encounter several different species on the dives from tiger sharks to lemon sharks. JASA is committed to the environment and works closely with other organisations to promote conservation and environmental awareness by educating divers and non-divers on how precious and sensitive the ocean ecosystems are so that they can be shared with future generations.

February - March 2008: Jupiter Lemon Shark Aggregation

Duncan accompanied a team from Sharklab over to Jupiter on the southeast coast of Florida to study, tag and film the lemon shark aggregations. Back in 2001 a local sports diver "Walter Stern" discovered the aggregations numbering up to 100 individuals laying on the seabed. This year the team managed to capture 24 mature lemon sharks which were all intrinsically fitted with an acoustic transmitter that will be picked up by the array of listening stations placed along the Florida coastline and allow us to track their movements. In addition to the acoustic transmitters 4 satellite pop-off tags were deployed on the dorsal fins of 4 mature female lemons which will allow us to track their long term movements. For more information on the Jupiter project or find out how you can become involved in next years project log onto Sharklab.

Feb 29th 2008: Shark Water

Rob Stewart, producer and filmmaker of the award winning documentary "SHARKWATER" visited the Bimini Sharklab along with Tyler MacLeod of Sharkwater Productions Inc. and French TV TF1. Duncan was brought onto the team to shoot underwater footage for Rob and TV TF1 for the French release of Sharkwater. While it was a short visit, it was also action packed. Sharklab and Sharkwater joined forces for a shark dive with Caribbean Reef sharks, some hands on work with our juvenile Lemon sharks and wrapped it all up early the next day by tagging one of five Tiger sharks that were caught on the long lines before releasing the 2.66m female by hand and free swimming with her before she dissapeared into the blue. Oceanicallstars wishes Rob continued success with his film and commends his team for their continuing work towards raising awareness and promoting shark conservation. Look for the North American DVD release in April, 2008 or log onto www.sharkwater.com for more information

January 24, 2008: Fabien Cousteau presents Bimini Paradise in Peril

The "Ocean Futures Society", headed by the world famous Cousteau family, has joined hundreds of other voices in the effort to save Bimini's valuable ecology. Duncan met with Fabien Cousteau, grandson of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau, when he visited Bimini in January to make a short documentary to highlight the effects of over development with the "Bimini Bay" complex in the North of Bimini. This unsustainable development lead by "Gerardo Capo" of the "Capo Group" closely linked to the Hilton Hotels chain has destroyed acres upon acres of vital mangrove habitat that provides nursery and refuging grounds for everything from Juvenille lobster and conch to lemon sharks. Destroying these fragile ecosystems will only lead to a reduction in the productivity of the fisheries and gig game fish populations around Bimini.

Fabien's team accompanied by photographer "Tim Calver" interviewed various people around Bimini on the the Bimini Bay development. Duncan provided underwater and topside footage of lemon sharks and mangroves for the documentary. Click on "Bimini, Paradise In Peril", to watch the video and log onto www.savebimini.org or www.restrictbiminibayresort.org for more information of how you can help.

January 16-19, 08 -BBC and History Channel at the Sharklab

Duncan acted as an onsite guide for the BBC crew as they carried out a recce of the Sharklab and sharks of Bimini in for an upcoming program on sharks. Duncan was also filming for the History Channel’s program on the Evolution of Sex , which included sharks and their mating behaviors.

November 2007 - February 2008 Whale Shark Research Tanzania

Through November 2007 to February 2008 Matt was conducting whale shark research off Mafia Island, Tanzania. The work initiated by the "Shark Research Institute" (SRI), and supported by the "World Wildlife Fund" (WWF) had Matt working off the dive liveaboard vessel M/V "Kairos". A large part of the work that Matt was conducting involved tagging the whale sharks so that we are able to learn about the populations utilizing the Tanzanian waters. He was also collaborating with a newly formed group called WHASCOS to promote conservation and local awareness of this magnificent species. They worked together to regulate ecotourism sustainability, educate local fishermen and help formulate a real sense of stewardship and value for the benefit of both sharks and humans allowing them to to co-exist together.

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